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The Rafo Universe Roadmap



Phase 1: Beginnings

Main objective: Succesfully launch the main Rafo Collections

Establish an overall strategy of quality over quantity
Participate in collaborations with other artists
Define key parameters of each individual collection


Phase 2: Sinergy

Main objective: Create sinergy between collections

Build Universe 13 storytelling: The lore
Increase involvement in collaboration projects
Create a complete website for The Rafo´s Universe

Phase 3: Sustainability

Main objective: Guarantee future value of collections in the long run

Launch undisclosed special project
Release updated 3.0 roadmap
Complete the main Rafo Collections

Phase 4: Culmination

Main objective: Transform the Rafo Universe into something more than NFT’s

Let owners of Rafo Collections participate in key decisions for the future
Encourage projects from the community
Develop the first animated short


Vision for the future: Expansion

The dream: Create an intricate universe with interesting and appealing characters that are worth visiting by all kinds of media,

from merchandising to animated motion pictures.


Rafo Collections Guidelines

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