It's a very dinamic and fun adventure game where the tiny Tripton travel infinitely in the sea, passing through every obstacle on their way.

You are not a lonely adventurer, in this trip you have two tiny Tripton going with you  that will help you with their skills but you are gonna have to protect them from any danger that shows up like the hungry antiTripton that are gonna take every chance they get to attack your tiny tripton.


You are the predator but you could also be the victim so learning to move fast and using your powers is the secret to obtain the highest score.


Im not a game developer expert  im just an enthusiastic person and very proud of this result. I hope you people enjoy playing It  you can become addicted to it and play for hours and hours trying to get a higher score everytime. It is a no ending kind of fun .


Thanks a lot and hope you have fun with the Tiny Tripton :)

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